Maximum working height : 3,00 m. Range Konfor’. Domestic use.

CENTAURE_Konfor_PARTNER chantier_plancher_B3bd
CENTAURE_Konfor_PARTNER chantier hauteur plancher 0m30_plancher_B3
CENTAURE_Konfor_PARTNER chantier hauteur plancher 0m60_plancher_B3
CENTAURE_Konfor_PARTNER chantier hauteur plancher 0m90_plancher_B3
CENTAURE_Konfor_PARTNER chantier homme paysage_plancher_B3
Schéma dimensions PARTNER
Les 3 hauteurs de plancher du partner de centaure

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Caractéristiques produit

Maximum working height : 3,00 m. Range Konfor'. Domestic use.

  • Simple, stable and robust.
  • Quick and tool less assembly : pre-assembled structure.
  • Instant fixing of the platform at the chosen height (adjustable every 30 cm).
  • The PARTNER passes standard doors.
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Détail produit
  • Structure all aluminium.
  • Wooden platform, fixed on notched aluminium profiles. Dimensions : 1 x 0,45 m.
  • Pre-assembled structure equipped with a patented device of swivelling junction between the crossties and the ladder's stiles. Patent n°93-02106
  • Castors diameter : 100 mm
  • Maximum working load 150 kg. - Resistance tested with 300 kg*. *Test 7.3.2 Resistance test with a distributed load of French standard NF E 85-200.
Standards / Warranty / Use 3-year warranty Compliant with standard NF E85-200 Made in France
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