Decree = Law: measures contained in these texts cannot be ignored, they represent obligations that each professional manufacturer or user must know and respect.

– Decree 96-333:

This is a “product decree” which outlines mandatory safety requirements for portable ladders, stepladders and step stools. On French territory, these products have to follow standard EN 131.

– Decree 2004-924:

This is a “Use decree”. It is linked to labor legislation and deals with any professional activity and not only building and public works sector. Texts in the decree list security measures that must be abode by to work at height, from selecting the equipment to installing and preserving it.

Here are the 4 main principles:

– Non mixing principle: it is strictly forbidden to mix pieces from different sources.

– Checking the equipment:
 The chairman or a person appointed by him must periodically check the equipment.

– Staff training: the user must be able to prove he has the necessary skills to safely assemble, disassemble or modify his scaffolding.

– Use of ladders and stepladders: Ladders and stepladders are means of access and not workstations. Apart from simple access, use is tolerated only when:
– No handrail product can be used because of a technical impossibility OR if the following 3 conditions are met at the same time:
– low risk
– short-term work
– non-repetitive work.