Maximum working height 4,70 m. Range Konfor’. Domestic use.

QUAD'UP_Echafaudage Extérieur passage trappe
QUAD UP Version haute
Le Quad'UP se déplace sur ses 4 roues
QUAD UP Version courte
QUAD'UP_mains automatiques 3
CENTAURE_KONFOR'_QUAD'UP_Verrouillage étayages1
CENTAURE_KONFOR'_QUAD'UP_Verrouillage étayages2
CENTAURE_KONFOR'_QUAD'UP_Zoom étayages repliés

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Caractéristiques produit

Maximum working height 4,70 m. Range Konfor'. Domestic use.

  • Tool less and quick assembly 
  • Stable : 4 legs, quick to install, which perfectly fit the ground. 
  • Mobile : equipped with 4 swivel castors with brakes for an easy maneuvering.
  • Multipurpose : offers a working height of 4,70 m or 2,90 m.
Les avantages du QUAD'UP de Centaure  
Détail produit
  • Qucik assembly by pre-assembled automatic handles.
  • Equipped with 4 swivel castors with brakes for an easy transport.
  • 4 adjustable and rotating stabilizers equipped with non-slip feet. They can be folded to pass doors.
  • Platform in non-slip wood fixed on notched profile and equipped  with a trapdoor which closes automatically. Size : 1,30 x 0,46 m. It can be fixed on the rungs at different heights.
  • The height of the product can be modified to optimize the space congestion. Ideal to work under the rafters for example.
  • The structure «in aluminium tubes» is the result of a manufacturing technology patented by Centaure. This process consists in fixing the rung on the scaffold’s stiles so as to lock it the system provides a greater resistance to the whole stucture.
Standards / Warranty / Use 5-year warranty Compliant with standard NF-E 85 200. Made in France Maximum loading capacity : 150 Kg   An extension of 2 metres is available for the Quad'Up Evolution : code 347 705.    
Echafaudage QUAD'UP

Montage de l'échafaudage QUAD'UP

Robert Longechal teste l'échafaudage QUAD'UP EVOLUTION

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